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Oct3/4 (also known as POU5F1 and Oct4) is regarded as one of the key regulators of pluripotency。 Oct-4 is a homeodomain transcription factor of the POU family。 This protein is critically involved in the self-renewal of undifferentiated embryonic stem cells。 it is frequently used as a marker for undifferentiated cells。 Oct-4 expression must be closely regulated; too much or too little will cause differentiation of the cells。

Oct3/4 相关产品 (4):

Cat. No. Product Name Effect Purity
  • HY-12884
    OAC2 Activator 99.69%
  • HY-18771
    O4I1 Activator
  • HY-12303
    OAC1 Activator 99.19%
  • HY-18772
    O4I2 Activator 98.83%
    O4I2是一种有效的Oct3/4诱导剂, 有效作用于各种人细胞系包括人成纤维细胞。
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